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Kids and Distorted Body Images...Eating Disorders in the Making

Last weekend, I was enjoying a beautiful day at the park. I chanced to overhear a conversation between two girls sitting near me. These girls looked to be about 10 years old. They were complaining about their bodies. They felt that they were too fat.

I was appalled. These two children have not even hit puberty yet, but they were concerned about their shapes! This society has so brainwashed us into thinking that we all have to have voluptuous figures with flat stomachs and not a bit of fat or cellulite on us, that children who have no business thinking about their bodies other than how much ice cream that they can put in to it are ashamed to wear their bathing suits.

Women's bodies are supposed to be curved. Our stomachs are not supposed to be flat. We need to have some fat on our bodies otherwise we cannot support a pregnancy. The bodies that we see on TV are not normal. They are an aberration that we now take as the
goal. These women are not healthy and cannot lead normal lives.

If you are healthy, then enjoy your self! Do not stress over being more than 100 pounds. Be proud of your curves. Enjoy your life and your bodies. If we stop worrying about our shapes and use all of that energy in another way, think what we could do! We could change the world. Perhaps even make it a place where young children can focus on the important things, like eating ice cream!

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