Ways to Use Your Wooden Dowel Rods

Ways to Use Your Wooden Dowel Rods

Dowels act as structural reinforcements in numerous applications. They are made from three primary materials; wood, metal, and plastic, and they are cylindrical. The dowel rods also come in different sizes, but you can customize yours to fit your needs. You can cut into shorter lengths if the rod is too long to get dowel pins. Wooden dowels come in handy when connecting furniture pieces. This article highlights the uses of wooden dowel rods.

How to use wooden dowel rods

Dowels play the role that nails or screws should. Most things that typically have nails now have dowel rods of varying lengths. Companies that deal with furniture love dowel rods because of their functionality and practicality. As you choose the best dowel rods from Alibaba, it helps to know how to embrace them. That said, here are four ways to make use of wooden dowel rods.

To make strong joints

The thick structure of the dowel rods makes them sturdier and firmer than nails or screws. Any furniture with wood dowels can last for years as the joints are less; it is not likely to fall apart or break. If you have scrutinized most high-end furniture, you will realize that gluing parts together is no longer happening because the joints become weak, so dowels are the best replacement. They cannot snap apart easily unless the pull is quite forceful.

Used for repairs

Other than joint reinforcement, the rods repair stripped holes in wood. When a piece of furniture goes through regular removal and back or screws, the holes become damaged. Screw holes have threading on the inside, which, when stripped, becomes smooth and cannot hold screws. In such cases, wooden dowel rods support the joint and keep the furniture functional. Even when relocating and your furniture gets damaged at some joints, it is easy to fix with quality rods. After fixing, you can be assured of well-reinforced furniture.

Used as axles in toys

Dowels are standard pieces in toy cars. An axle must connect two opposite wheels for the vehicle to move smoothly. Wooden car toys use wood dowels to match the look and facilitate movement. But you can use them on any toy car if the sizing fits the wheels correctly. Most people love such toy cars because they last longer, and it is easy to replace rods in case of any damage.

Grip reinforcement

Gym facilitators or instructors use wooden dowel rods to reinforce the grips. Lifting weights can cause painful blisters that hinder other workouts. Ideally, people should have workout gloves but having the dowels in place benefits everyone. Each is fixed at the end of the gymnastic equipment and sits on the user’s fingers during training.

Bottom line

Wooden dowel rods help construct many household furniture pieces like door frames, chairs, tables, cabinets, wine racks, coat hangers, etc. They are beautiful and less complex, and the different sizes give you options for use. These rods are pretty cheap despite how valuable they are. You can buy them online on Alibaba in bulk or in a few pieces.